welcome to romanca society

Romanca Society was formally established in June 2003, in London Borough, after 20 years of building up activity in London Borough Hammersmith & Fulham, UK. Romanca Society is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, which aims to offer support and assistance for the social integration of Romanians who live and work in Britain’s multicultural society. Romanca Society is maintained by the volunteers’ work and supported by memberships, donations and sponsorship.

Our Projects

What we do

• Social integration
• Help in the community
• Emotional support
• Leisure activities
• Youth projects
• Personal development and voluntary activities
• Facilitate Romanians easy access to information and community opportunitie

Cultural Ambassador

Roxana Lupu-actress

Roxana is an actor with a PhD in drama teaching, TEDx Speaker and corporate trainer. She has portrayed various roles in theatre and feature films and is mostly known for portraying Queen Marie in the feature film “Queen Marie of Romanie” by Alexis sweet for which she won a Best actress award presented to her by the National Romanian cinematography union.

Romanca Society

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