Radio TV Unirea International

Radio TV Unirea responds to the cultural, ethnic identity and status needs of the Romanian community in the diaspora and meets the needs of interaction and social integration of its members by means of radio-tv shows made on a schedule of programs dedicated to target groups of the Romanian community.
Austria-Romania-Great Britain are the countries from where the partnership unite 3 associations to build this project since 11 August 2011: Romanca Society, Asturias Fundation and Austrian -Romanian Cultural Circle. Since then other Romanian communities contributed with broadcasts from various other countries: Spain , Portugal, France, Moldavia, etc.
The radio station Radio TV Unirea aims to develop an interactive model of social affirmation and cultural learning that can be multiplied at the level of any community, including as a model for the integration of minorities.
This initiative is a contribution to integration in a global world where cultural right is only possible through the preservation of cultural and ethnic identity. It is an initiative that prepares a possible model for the appropriation and assumption of social and cultural values. Thanks to the Internet transmission system, this model can be accessed from any country on the globe and at the same time offers a starting point in the assumption of the Romanian state for all the Romanian communities on the world map.
This radio station aims to present and promote Romania today but also the reality of the integration of Romanians in the world. This is how a public online debate is implemented, through which the reverse of the negative perception of Romanian stereotypes presented by the local media, and unfavorable to Romanian communities, is achieved.
The stated purpose of this soul and spirit initiative is the affirmation, development and integration of the social and cultural identity of Romanians everywhere.
The objectives proposed to achieve this goal are:
– creating a point of communication for Romanians from all communities in the world
– preserving the link with the Romanian national cultural and spiritual roots;
– media projection of Romanian culture and spirit in the multicultural space on the world map
– promoting Romanian values ​​in the world

Radio TV Unirea International is coordinated by Ioan Godja our Director, that helping constant our volunteers teams to steam live the broadcasts.
Our radio online radio station is hosted by the generosity of the Austrian -Romanian Cultural Circle, in Austria, while the reporters broadcast from all over the world. Please contact us if you like to get involved in this project.
Please access bellow the website and listen live our programmes!