Romanca Society constantly promotes partnerships on various levels with the associative, business or governmental sectors being the founder of many organisations in the UK such: Upper Room, Eastern & Central European Network( for rough sleepers), Radio TV Unirea International, Romanian Tradition in Motion Festival (4th  edition), Transylvanian Edition, Unison Community & Volunteering Sector Branch,  Romanian Doctors & Nurses Association, Romanian Association in Walles, Romanian Students Abroad Association etc. 
The partnerships for projects and activities are not only regional and international, but also local, having the chance to work with FADERE ( Spain), Radio Romania International, Ligue for the Spiritual Unity of Romanians Abroad( Iorga’s Ligue), Eu Erasmus Plus, Euclid, Eugen Ionescu Cultural Centre, Cavsa/Sobus, Uban Partnership, LBHF Volunteer Centre, Irish Centre, Polish Center, Serbian Association, Armenian Centre, schools, churches, local councils and day centres, Community Transport, Resource Centre,  H& F Art Fair, H&F Festival 2003-2005, Tree Shepherd, ConnectWorks LTD, Tree Shepherds, Petit Miracle, just to mention the most important and constant ones.
Romanca Society even gets the chance to speak on behalf of the Romanian community at the House of Parliament, London, UK.
During the accession to the EU, Romanca Society initiated 2 petitions for the right to work for Romanians in the UK addressed to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, which raised our Romanian voice to the higher level to e heard and addressed by the UK Government.
We apologise if not all partners are not listed here, for individual projects please visit the Archive that is reorganising the records at the moment.  
Will take some time to organise 20 years of work but luckily the internet have a good memory. We will be back soon on this subject. Thank you for your understanding!


Petition for rights to work of Romanians addressed to the Prime-Minister Tony Blair in 2006

Petition for the right to work of Romanians in the UK addressed to Prime- Minister Gordon Brown in 2008

Petition answered 2008