Supporters & donations

From the very beginning of the Romanca Society our supporters & funders offered their enthusiasm, ideas, creativity, time , energy, hope & resources to help achieving our goals.

We are grateful to all our volunteers and partners, sponsors and supporters that allow Romanca Society to have a contribution to the development of grass roots projects in LBHF and UK .
At this moment in time we need more then ever to be united and hold the space for generosity, compassion, development and sustainability as individuals and as organisation! Please contact us if you like to contribute to our activity in any way you may think is suitable! Thank you!


Our list of supporters is very long, but the constant presence over our many years of activity is humbly mentioned below:

  1. Casa Contrast, Bucharest, Romania-
  2. Fundatia Nationala Niște Țărani –
  3. Emil Lixandru Barrister-
  4. The Portal Romani in the UK
  5. Ro Export LTD –
  6. Romanian Embassy in London –
  7. Romanian Cultural Institute London –
  8. General Consulate of Romanian in London –
  9. Romanian Orthodox Church in London –

The list of Partners and supporters is very long since we start our activity in 2003, we are grateful to all that gave us the support to carry on achieving our goal.
For individual projects please consult our Archives for more details. Thank you!