About us

Romanca Society

Was formally established in June 2003 in London borough, after 20 years of building up activity in London Borough Hammersmith & Fulham, UK. Romanca Society is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, which aims to offer support and assistance for the social integration of Romanians who live and work in Britain’s multicultural society. Romanca Society is maintained by the volunteers’ work and supported by memberships, donations and sponsorship.

Our Goal

Our goal is to preserve the Romanian culture, traditions and language and to promote them in Great Britain. We intend to achieve our goals by organising various activities for general interest: classical concerts, theatre, art exhibitions, charity dinners, dance parties, festivals, performances, publishing, media , educational projects, networking the community information as well as other projects initiated by our members.

Here are some of the activities we create and developed at Romanca:

• Social integration
• Help in the community
• Emotional support
• Leisure activities
• Youth projects
• Personal development and voluntary activities
• Facilitate Romanians easy access to information and community opportunities

You are welcome to show your interest for our projects or support our activity by contacting us on the email : info@romanca.org.uk
We are happy to hear your ideas and help them to become reality in our multicultural society.
Thank you for your visit!